“4 Inspiring Stories to Help You Manifest a Thriving Soul-Business and Get the Hell Out of the Matrix.........

.......without having to be a sleazy marketer, tech-wizard, business guru, fake-spiritual “influencer” or social media junkie!”

I am NOT a marketer and this is NOT a typical webinar!


I invite you to sit back, relax with a coffee, glass of wine or homemade lemongrass (my fave drink from Bali!) and join me in my kitchen for 90 minutes as I share 4 inspiring soul-journey stories!


No boring Powerpoint presentation, no impossible to read flip-charts and no hard sell at the end!


 In these 4 stories you will learn how I went from:


  • Living in my Mum’s spare room (in my 30s!)
  • Post-traumatic anxiety
  • Thousands in debt
  • Burnt out from a job I hated
  • Barely leaving the house for 10 YEARS
  • Feeling totally stuck, alone and a failure




  • Living on a yoga resort on a tropical island for a year
  • Manifesting my soul tribe
  • Moving to Bali
  • Becoming a Manifestation Coach
  • Going from 10K a YEAR to 10K a MONTH (FAST!!)
  • Freedom to write my fantasy novel FULL TIME
  • Waking up every morning with a smile!




  • Losing everything I had in 2020
  • Down to my last $10 in Thailand
  • No qualifications
  • No previous experience
  • Not being a natural techie or entrepreneur
  • Massive imposter syndrome!
  • Being an introvert
  • Not feeling confident, healed or “ready” at all!



These stories will lift the lid on what it ACTUALLY takes to manifest a soul-business that doesn't just survive but THRIVES.


You will gain the simple steps and belief you need to fast-track to becoming a soulpreneur.......just by tapping into your authentic self.


Plus the ONE AND ONLY thing that is truly holding you back from manifesting that soul-business…..and how to get it TODAY (HINT: it's not confidence, Law of Attraction techniques or social media followers because I didn't need any!)